How to Bypass FRP or Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime. - Android Guide
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How to Bypass FRP or Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime.

How to Bypass FRP or Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime.

Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy J5 PRIME. Samsung adds FRP or factory reset protection feature on Samsung phone running on Android 5.1 or higher. And Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime also has this feature. By enabling FRP on this device, it will prevent someone to use your phone after they reset or flash your phone. They should input Google account information or Gmail to verifying the account. Therefore they should enter previously Google account synchronized with Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime.

This guide for Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime only, not for someone who stole this device.

There is some version of Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime.
  • G570Y (Australia).
  • G570F/DS (EMEA).
  • G570
Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime released on 2016, October. This device run on Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow). So, this device also has FRP feature on it. And now if you have forgotten your Google account after reset or flash this device, you can try to fix it by following this guide.


  1. Make sure USB driver installed on your PC or laptop. This will help the computer to recognize your Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime. If you don't have this driver, try it Here.
  2. Quick Shortcut Maker. Here
  3. RealTerm: Serial/TCP Terminal. Here
  4. Google Account Manager for Android 6 Marshmallow. Here

Guide to Bypass FRP.

  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime phone, and connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.
  2. Make sure SIM card inserted to the SIM tray.
  3. Then set up your Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime for the first use. It will show you Verifying Google account. Here you must input correct Google account previously synchronized with this device. 
  4. If you forgot this Google account, you can continue to fix this problem.
  5. Now, go to your computer.
    • Install Samsung USB driver.
    • Install RealTerm.
      • Once Real Term successfully installed on PC now open this program.
      • Run RealTerm as administrator
      • Connect your Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime to the computer.
  6. Open device manager on your computer. How to do it?
    • Click start - Run (or press windows button + R)
    • Then type the following command.
      • mmc devmgmt.msc
    • Click your modem properties to see the port number (ex. port 3).
      modem properties - port
      modem properties - port
  7. Now go to RealTerm windows again. 
    • Click Port tab 
      • Enter port number (see step 6 above)
      • then click the Change button
    • Click Misc tab 
      • Under display tab, click Setup tab 
      • Make sure you see 3 green light turn on.
        realTerm setup
        realTerm setup
    • Click Send tab
      • Here are two commands you need to copy at RealTerm window
        1. alt+creg?\r\n
        2. atdxxxxxxx;\r\n 
          • where xxxxxx is your phone number,
          • command at realterm
            command at realterm
      • #1. Copy command and paste the first command at the RealTerm window.
        send command at realterm
        send command at realterm
      • Then click Send ASCII tab.
      • Repeat at #1 above to send second command atdxxxxxxx;\r\n 
  8. Now, go to your Galaxy J5 Prime device. Your phone will call xxxxxxxxx number.
  9. After call pickup, slide screen and click on the available Internet browser.
  10. Once your browser launched, then type this url  
    • (quick_shortcut_maker)
    • (Google_account_manager)
  11. Once all file successfully downloaded, now install quick_shortcut_maker.
  12. If you see any error when open quick_shortcut_maker. You can try to install google account manager first, then repeat to install quick shortcut maker again.
  13. Now, open quick_shortcut_maker, and use browser sign in to bypass FRP.
  14. You can use your any Google log in on your device.
  15. Now your new Google account has been added in your Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime.
  16. It's time to reboot your Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime device. 
  17. Once your Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime ready to use, the FRP is bypassed.
  18. Now you have successfully bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime.


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