How to Use PC Companion to Perform Hard Reset, Update, Repair Error All Sony Xperia Phone.

How to Use PC Companion to Perform Hard Reset, Update, Repair Error All Sony Xperia Phone.

Hard Reset, Repair Sony Xperia. Now Sony Xperia has released a new tool to manage your Xperia content and the software. This tool is called with PC Companion. This release is different from the previous version. In the following guide, we will show the update and repair your Sony Xperia device only. So, if your Sony Xperia device becomes unresponsive, running very slow, or you have forgotten the password, PIN, security pattern lock, use the following guide the fix the error. It will repair your phone and reset to the default factory settings.

By repairing the Xperia software, the PC Companion will reinstall the system software on your Xperia device using the latest available version. But if you only want to update the device, select software update on the main PC Companion page.

For more instructions on how to perform the hard reset, update, repair error all Sony Xperia Phone, you can read and follow this guide.


  1. Make sure to charge your Sony Xperia battery at least 80% to proceed, it will keep your Xperia alive during the repair process.
  2. Backup everything stored at phone internal memory (data, file, user account, downloaded apps, etc), it will be deleted during an update or repair your Xperia phone.
  3. It's strongly recommended that you keep your computer plugged into a power source while repairing your Xperia device.
  4. Please make sure you know your Google account username and password previously synced with your Xperia phone. Failure to provide Google credential after a software installation may render the device completely unusable.
  5. Download the latest PC Companion from the following link.

Step By Step Using PC Companion.

  1. Once PC Companion successfully downloaded on your computer, then install it.
  2. Go to the computer desktop, then double-click PC Companion icon to open the program file.
  3. Once the program launched, you can select the following icon.
    • Software Update: Select this if you want to update the software only.
    • Software Repair; Select this if you want to repair the entire software, it will install new software and wipe everything on your Xperia phone. Also, you can select it to perform hard reset or factory reset.img
  4. If you want to perform a hard reset or repair your Sony Xperia, you must select Software Repair.
  5. At the next step, select your device type. Select Xperia phone or tablet if your device is phone or tablet.img
  6. Then click the Next button.
  7. At the next window, you will see important information, this information will ask you to remember the Google account username and password. If you understand you can tick/click Yes, I know my Google account details.img
  8. Then click next button again.

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