How to Remove Pattern Lock Screen | Hard Reset Sony Xperia XA or XA1 Ultra.

How to Remove Pattern Lock Screen | Hard Reset Sony Xperia XA or XA1 Ultra.

Hard reset Sony Xperia XA1. Some people activate the pattern lock screen to keep their device safe from an unauthorized user. The pattern lock screen will provide maximum protection on your device, Especially if you use a patterns combination that is difficult to guess by someone. But by applying a difficult combination of pattern lock, it will make us forget the pattern. If you forgot the pattern you will be can't access your phone menu, and stuck at the drawing pattern screen. The only way you can do to bypass this stage is clear all personal data by performing the hard reset on your Sony Xperia XA device. To perform hard reset we need a special tool from Sony developer, this tool is PC Companion. This method is also applicable at the Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra.

PC Companion.

We use this tool to help perform a hard reset on Sony Xperia XA or XA1 Ultra. The software is available to download from the official Sony website. Here 

Instructions Guide.

The following step will show you the instruction on how to hard reset or factory reset your Sony Xperia XA or XA1 Ultra.
  1. Install PC Companion on your computer, and then open the PC companion program.
  2. Make sure your Xperia XA battery is fully charged, or at least has 75% of battery capacity.
  3. Make sure you know your Google account username and password before proceeding (if you forgot it your device will completely unusable)
  4. We strongly recommend that you keep your computer plugged into a power source while performing a hard reset.
  5. During the hard reset process, all personal data will be wiped.
  6. From the PC Companion window, click software repair. 
    PC Companion - Software Repair
    PC Companion - Software Repair
  7. The program will tell you to connect your Xperia device to the computer. There are 3 options to select.
    PC Companion - select device
    PC Companion - select device
    • Xperia Phone or tablet
    • Smartwatch 3
    • Xperia Touch. 
  8. For this case, you can select/click Xperia Phone or tablet.
  9. From the PC Companion window, now click next button.
  10. Then, tick on yes, I know my Google account. Then click the Next button.
    Sony PC Companion
    Sony PC Companion
  11. Wait for initializing, At this step makes sure your Sony Xperia XA device is:
    • Discovered from the computer.
    • Turn off your Xperia XA device, and wait for 5 seconds.
    • Press and hold volume down key on your Sony Xperia XA device.
    • Then, connect your Xperia XA to the computer, while still holding the volume down key using the USB cable.
  12. The PC Companion will automatically be initializing your Sony Xperia XA device.
  13. Then, click/tick I understand that my personal content will be lost, then click the Next button.
  14. Click Next one more time, The PC Companion will be repairing your Xperia device.
  15. Once it completed, you can disconnect your Xperia XA from the computer.
  16. Now, you can turn On your Xperia XA phone. Note, at the first startup after a repair may take a longer than usual.
  17. Finish.

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