How to Flash ROMs, OTA Updates and Kernels With FlashFire Without Custom Recovery.

How to Flash ROMs, OTA Updates and Kernels With FlashFire Without Custom Recovery.

Install ROMs, Kernels and OTA Updates. For a conventional method we have to install any custom recovery on our Android device to flash stock ROM, OTA update, kernels, or other Zip files contain root script. It doesn't matter what type of custom recovery, we know there are two popular custom recovery often install on Android device. They are CWM and TWRP recovery.

But now we can use the simple and easy method to flash or install ROMs, OTA Updates and Kernels with a special applications, this app called flasfire apk. This app also available at Google Play store.

Here we would explain a little about FlashFire Apk. This apk is is the inheritor of Mobile Odin, and developed by chainfire. And now FlashFire is the latest flashing tool for Android device. By installing FlashFire on your Android device, you will no longer flashing OTA updates or install ROMs via custom recovery. Simply download it from store and install on your Android device.

So, how this FlashFire work ? Now, let's see this guide below.

Preparations before using FlashFire.

  1. No need a laptop or computer.
  2. FlashFire run on rooted device.
  3. FlashFire run on at least Android 4.2 versions.
  4. On FlashFire beta version, only work on Samsung and Nexus features and its compatibility
  5. FlashFire available at link below
    • Download FlashFire v0.24
    • FlashFire Apk Pro
  6. Before flashing ROMs, OTA Updates and Kernels, we recommend to backup all user data, file and installed app.

Using FlashFire to Flash Android Phones.

  1. Once all files above ready downloaded, now install FlashFire on your Android device.
  2. Download & copy custom ROM to the storage.
  3. Then launch FlashFire app on your Android device.
  4. Now, tap grant to accept the agreement.
    flashfire - grant
    flashfire - grant
  5. Once FlashFire ready to use, tap + button.
  6. plus sign - flashfire
    plus sign - flashfire
  7. Then select Wipe make sure to leave all defaults.
  8. flashfire - wipe
    flashfire - wipe
  9. Once finish, tap + again
  10. Then select Flash Zip / ROM, navigate to the ROM or zip file saved on internal memory
  11. Once ready, now tap Flash button.
    flashfire - flash button
    flashfire - flash button
  12. Just wait a flashing process, 
  13. Flashing process take a minute or two. A black screen may happen twice for up to half a minute.
  14. once finish, your Android device will reboot automatically.

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