How to Officially Unlock Bootloader LG G6 H870 and US997.

Gide | How to Officially Unlock Bootloader LG G6 H870 and US997.

Unlock Bootloader LG G6. Every Android device has a bootloader. Which a bootloader is a piece of software that runs every time the phone is boot up. The bootloader will tell the Android system to load which program to load to make sure your phone runs well. By default, the bootloader is locked by the phone manufacturer. This is because the bootloader contains an extra layer of security that checks to make sure that it only loads an Android OS that passes its approval process. That mean's if the bootloader is locked you cannot flash or install your own ROM or any recovery like TWRP or CWM.

So, if you need the information about how to unlock the bootloader on LG G6. You can read and follow this guide. Now, the LG G6 H870 for the European market and the USA carrier-free US997 can now be officially unlocked through LG's developer unlock program. You must be careful to unlock the bootloader to avoid your LG G6 bricked or evenly totally dead.

Important to note, unlock bootloader wipes all data on your phone and it cannot be undone. Therefore, you need to back up everything before unlocking the bootloader on your LG G6 phone. Unlock bootloader also makes your phone has a security vulnerability. Unauthorized phone user could reboot your LG G6 into its bootloader and then boot your custom recovery environment. Once LG G6 enter recovery mode they could use the ADB command to access all data on your LG G6. This method will bypass PIN, password, or other security used to protect your LG G6.

Ok, if you are still interested to unlock the bootloader on LG G6 device. Then you can start the following guide. 


  1. This guide totally works on LG G6 H870 or US997 device.
  2. Enable USB Debugging, Here
  3. Enable the OEM unlock. 
  4. D0wnload ADB and fastboot on your computer.
  5. LG G6 IMEI number. This is 15 digit code can be found on a printed sticker on the back phone cover. or, visit this guide to know more how to find IMEI or MEID 
  6. LG Device ID. visit this guide on how to to get and view Device ID LG phone.
  7. Visit the LG Developer website to get the unlock key. Here
    • You need to sign up for free (if you don't have an account yet)
    • Then, click the Starting Unlocking the Bootloader button.

Unlocking Guide.

  1. Once you have successfully Sign-in into LG developer website, now you need to provide the following information.
    • Nickname
    • Email
    • Phone type 
    • IMEI or MEID
    • Device ID.
      Unlock Bootloader LG
      Unlock Bootloader LG 
  2. Once all form already filled all, then you need to click the confirm button.
  3. Then, click the Agree button at the legal term window
  4. Please wait for a while, then you can continue to check the Email inbox. This Email contains unlock.bin file attachment.
  5. Now, you can download this file.
  6. Copy the unlock.bin file to the ADB and fastboot folder.
  7. Then, connect your LG G6 to the computer with a USB cable.
  8. Then, from the ADB and fastboot folder you need to open a command prompt. How to do it?
    •  right click and hold the shift button, and click open command window here or Open with Powershell
    • open command in adb fastboot
      open command in adb fastboot
  9. Now, you need to verify your LG G6 H870 connected to the computer or not by type the following command.
    • adb device
  10.  Then you need to reboot your LG G6 H870 into bootloader using this command and press enter
    • adb reboot bootloader

  11. Just wait a minute, your device will automatically shut down and reboot into bootloader mode.
  12. Then, type the following command to proceed to unlock the bootloader and flash unlock.bin file into your phone.

    • fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin

  13. Then type the following command to get the unlock status on your device.

    • fastboot getvar unlocked

  14. If you have successfully locked your device, the command prompt should return with the unlock status = Yes
  15. Done. 

Video Guide.

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