How to Connect WiFi Network Without Password Use WPS Button.

How to Connect WiFi Network Without Password Use WPS Button. 

Connect WiFi Without Input Password. We can connect our Android Smartphone or other device with built in WiFi to the WiFi hotspot. But, what will we do if the WiFi is password protected ? This isn't hard question. Simply just use the other method to connect available Wi-Fi within the range. We can bypass the password by pressing WPS Button. Each modem device has a WPS button, WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup lets wireless device connect a secure WiFi network without selecting the network name (SSID) and entering the password. Once your device ready setup to connect to available WiFi, and the WPS button is pressed, it's time to connect your device to the WiFi.

Below we can learn how to join our device to wireless modem using WPS Button. To do it, you should be able to access the wireless modem. The following guide isn't applicable at a public WiFi hot spot. So, don't try it at not recommended place. 

Connect to Wireless Modem with WPS button.

  1. To start connect the Android smartphone to the WiFi you must press the WPS button, this button located at the front of your modem beside of ports.
  2. ZTE WPS Button
    ZTE WPS Button
  3. The WPS button will flash orange letting you know it is ready to accept WPS connection attempts.
  4. Now the WPS light will flash until a WPS connection is successfully made. 
  5. At these moments you can try connecting your device within 2 minutes.
  6. Now, Connect your device to your wireless network using WPS. 
  7. How to do it, see this guide below according to your device.
    • Android Lollipop 5.1.1 (Sony Xperia M2 Dual Smartphone.).

      • Go to Settings - 
      • Tap WiFi, turn on Wi-Fi connections.
      • Now on the options, tap Advanced.
        connect WiFi without password
        connect WiFi without a password
      • Now tap WPS Push Button.
        WPA push button
        WPA push button
      • Now you will see the connection progress on screen.
        WPA push connection progress
        WPA push connection progress
      • Once your device connected to the WiFi you will see notifications that say connected to the Wi_fi Network "xxxxxx".
      • Finish
    • Samsung Smartphone.

      • Go to Settings
      • Under connections - tap Wi-Fi, then turn on the Wi-Fi 
      • At the options menu tap WPS push button.
      • Samsung - WPs Push button
        Samsung - WPs Pushbutton
      • Then you will see connection progress on screen.
      • If the modem with the protected WiFi is ON, and the WPA push button already pressed.
      • WPS setup will say that WPS completed, and then it will automatically connect to the protected WiFi without entering password.
      • Finish.

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