Guide How to Unlock Bootloader Android Samsung Galaxy J7 Smartphone. - Android Guide
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Guide How to Unlock Bootloader Android Samsung Galaxy J7 Smartphone.

Guide How to Unlock Bootloader Android Samsung Galaxy J7 Smartphone.

Unlock Bootloader Samsung Galaxy J7. This guide will show you how to unlock the bootloader on Samsung Galaxy J7 Smartphone. There are some reasons why we need to unlock bootloader our Android smartphone. First, we want to root our device. Second, If we would like to install a Custom ROM on our device. In simple terms that we can understand Unlock Bootloader on Android smartphone allows Us to install custom Firmware on our Android device.

Please Note, that unlocking your Samsung Galaxy J7 bootloader voids its warranty, And this action will erase/formats/wipes completely your data and files stored on the Internal memory, such as photo, contact, SMS, MMS, Google Account, All installed applications. So, you must back up all data before unlocking your phone bootloader.

I found this thread from bravonova
 on xda forum for this guide, If you ready, now you can follow this instructions guide below to unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone. 


  1. Download ADT 
  3. Download Modaco Superboot 

Unlock Bootloader Guide.

  1. Once you have successfully download ADT, now configure it.
  2. See the  this is the official Android Developer website. On this website, you will get more instruction guide to configure ADT.
  3. Modaco Superboot is Zip file, now you must extract it somewhere on your computer hard drive. for easy file access extract it on the desktop.
  4. Now setup your Samsung Galaxy J7.
    • Go to Settings on App drawer.
    • Scroll down the screen and look for Developer Options
    • Now, Turn on USB debugging from there. 
    • On this case, developer options must be enabled.
    • Now, connect your Samsung Galaxy J7 to the computer or laptop via USB cable.
  5. Run Command Prompt.
    • Go to Modaco Superboot folder.
    • Then, Right click on empty space inside Modaco Superboot folder to open a command prompt.
    • Once command prompt window opened now input this commands below.
      • adb-windows reboot bootloader
        • hit enter.
        • your Samsung Galaxy J7 will reboot. Just wait for it to restart before you enter the second command
      • fastboot-modaco-windows oem unlcock
        • hit enter.
        • your Samsung Galaxy J7 screen will flicker a few times.
        • Then it will display a toast message asking you if you’re sure. 
        • Now, click Yes and your Samsung Galaxy J7 will be unlocked.
  6. Finish, now disconnect your phone from computer.


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