Download and Install The Latest Official ViPER4Android MK-Mod APK (V 3.5) Now !

Get and Install The Latest ViPER4Android MK-Mod APK (V 3.5) Now !.

ViPER4Android MK-Mod APK (V 3.5). Now ViPER4Android is availabale for download, By using ViPER4Android you can improve sound quality on your android device. We know that Android sound has a bad sound quality. But this problem can be solved with this Apk (ViPER4Android). ViPER4Android is an App that helps you to render the device with better sound quality. And this APP is very popular audio mod around the world. If you want use this APP in your Android device, your Android device must already be rooted first.

On this version (V 3.5) ViPER4Android has the latest feature built in. Among them is ;
  1. ViPER4Android MK-Mod App:
    • ViPER4Android v2.4.0.1 based.
    • Material Design and Icon.
    • New UI Settings.
    • Integrated V4A post-boot script.
    • 4D rotation mode.
    • Forum link added.
    • Update link added.
  2. ViPER4Android post-boot script:
    • Enforcing Override.
    • LPA (Low Power Audio) Tweaks.
    • MK-Audio Engine.
    • V4A Memory Injection.
      Install The Latest Official ViPER4Android MK-Mod APK (V 3.5)
      Install The Latest Official ViPER4Android MK-Mod APK (V 3.5)

Root Access on Android Device.

To use ViPER4Android APP it's recomended you to ;
  • Get root access to your Android device, 
  • Your device must run at least Android version 4.x-6.x.
  • Init.d support.
  • SuperSU or Install using flashable zip.
  • BusyBox installed.
  • Keep turn off Audio FX
  • Custom recovery (for flashable zip).

Download ViPER4Android.

  1. V3.5H 
  3. V3.5M 
  5. Other version, here 

Installation Guide.

If now you using an APK file, follow this guide below to install ViPER4Android on your device.
  • You must uninstall previous V4A MK-Mod
  • Then reboot your device.
  • Now, Install 'V4A MK-Mod_xx.apk'
  • Once installation finished, now open 'V4A MK-Mod' app.
  • Grant root access if asked.
  • Then you must Install Driver.
  • At the last Reboot your device.
Below is installation guide if you using ZIP file.

  • Copy and paste your into your device storage.
  • Then, Boot your device to Custom recovery. you can find guide how to enter to custom recovery for your device on internet.
  • Now,  flash "" 
  • Once flashing process is finished, now you can reboot your device.
  • Finish.

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