Guide | Unlock Bootloader LG V20 (VS995, H910, F800L, LS997) - Android Guide

Guide | Unlock Bootloader LG V20 (VS995, H910, F800L, LS997)

Guide | Unlock Bootloader LG V20 (VS995, H910, F800L, LS997).

Unlock Bootlaoder LG V20. We know that LG released LG V20 versions, This product has many versions, where each version need special trick to unlock it's bootloader. We know, by default the bootloader on LG device is locked, it prevent user to install or flash custom ROM, or flash zip file contain root script, or contain custom recovery. This guide will show you how to unlock bootloader on LG V20 with the following versions only :

  • LG V20 for Verizon VS995, 
  • LG V20 for ATT H910, 
  • LG V20 for Korean F800L, 
  • LG V20 for Sprint LS997
Never try this guide on the other LG V20 versions except mentioned above. 

This method use fastboot to unlock bootloader on LG V20, Before we proceed this guide, we would appreciate to the me2151 developer on this threat.

Follow this guide only if you understand what will you do, following this guide will replaces your current bootloader with a debug bootloader, don't try to attempt to re-lock this bootloader, otherwise you may brick your LG V20 device. There isn't no way to revert to stock. So be careful and do it with your own risk.


  1. Unlock LG V20 will void any LG warranty. guidebelajar shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or bricked device.
  2. Once your LG V20 device is locked, your device may cause unexpected side effects that may include but are not limited to the following:
    • LG V20 may stop working.
    • There are certain features and functionalities may be can't run properly.
    • It will caused overheating and make your LG V20 physically damaged.
    • All data, file, installed App will be wiped or deleted, we recommend to backup it first. 
    • Your LG V20 no longer get FOTA (firmware Over The Air) update.


  1. TWRP-3.0.2-1-us996.img Here
  3. Here
  5. Terminal Emulator. Install this app to yor LG V20 device. Here
  7. The latest SuperSU Here
  9. for Sprint version LG V20 (LS997) only.
    • Here
  10. Install ADB and fastboot to your computer, ADB and fastboot for windows or mac available here. extract all file at the same folder. for example c:\adb

Unlock Bootloader.

  1. Extract or unzip to the specific computer folder.
  2. Then copy all file to the V20-root folder.
  3. Then put all file above at active ADB directory as mentioned above.
  4. Open command prompt from ADB and fastboot directory, how to do it ?
    • Press and hold shift button and rigth click mouse at empty or blank space.
    • Then select Open command window here.
  5. Now connect your LG V20 to the computer, then type the following command to verify your LG V20 phone.
    • fastboot devices
  6. On the next step,
    • Windows
      • Double click to open RUNMEFIRST.bat
      • Don't close this windows Log.
      • Now, double click again Step1.bat
    • MacOs/Linux
      • "#" Signifies a comment below ;
        # OR
        bash ./
      • Then, Open a Separate Terminal , then type:
      • ./
        # OR
        bash ./
  7. You will see two permission denied when you run The sh or Bat files, Don't be panic about it. these files are ;
    • Flatland64
    • Flatland
  8. Now, wait for a shell prompt, 
    • then type the following command.
    • run-as con
      chmod 0777 /storage/emulated/0/*
  9. Then, open the terminal emulator on your LG V20 device. Then type this ;
    • code
    • id
    • Make sure context=u : r : untrusted_app appear on screen. (if this doesn't appear you can repeat this step from early step).
    • terminal emulator - untrusted_app
      terminal emulator - untrusted_app
  10. Now type the following command at emulator.
  11. applypatch /system/bin/atd /storage/emulated/0/dirtysanta
  12. See the RUNMEFIRST dialog, if this dialog say you to run Step2, now following the next guide below.
    • Windows.
      • Double-click to open "Step2.bat"
    • MacOs.
      • type
      • ./
        # OR
        Bash ./
  13. Once step 2 is completed, your LG V20 now in bootloader with the status unlocked.
  14. Finish. Now you have successfully unlock bootloader on LG V20  (VS995, H910, F800L, LS997)

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