Guide How to Boot Android Phone Into Custom Recovery (Boot to CWM | TWRP) - Android Guide

Guide How to Boot Android Phone Into Custom Recovery (Boot to CWM | TWRP)

Guide How to Boot Android Phone Into Custom Recovery (Boot to CWM | TWRP).

Boot into CWM / TWRP Custom Recovery. If your Android device already installed a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM or Bootloader is unlocked on your Android device, You might need this information guide to Enter your Android device into Custom Recovery. This is important stuff you must know when you want to install a Custom Recovery or Stock Recovery to your Android device, Boot into Custom Recovery is way how to install your Recovery.

You can choose one of three methods below to boot your Android device into both of Custom Recovery (TWRP or CWM). Just follow this method below, It doesn't matter which of all the options below you choose, it really works for you.

Guide to boot into Custom Recovery.

  1. First method. To enter your Android phone into Custom Recovery,
    • You must power off your Android phone first. 
    • After your Android phone fully shut down, now do the following step;
      Press and hold Power button + Volume Down for a minute.
    • If doesn't work try to press and hold Power button + Volume Up.
    • The combination key might vary for each Android device.
    • Then release all button when you see a list of options.
  2. Second Method. This method uses a computer to help us enter our Android phone into Custom Recovery.
    • We need a computer running Windows operating system.
    • Original USB Cable for your Android phone.
    • Enable USB Debugging on your Android phone. How to do it?
      • For Kitkat see here  
      • For Lollipop see here 
    • Next step, you must install ADB or Android SDK on your computer, then you will need to go to the /platform-tools folder. Then open the command prompt.
    • When the command prompt window opens, just type the following command below.
      • adb reboot recovery
    • Then, press enters on the keyboard.
    • Now, your Android phone will start rebooting to Custom Recovery.
  3. Third Method. to following the third method, you must have root access on your Android device.
    • Once your Android phone has root access, just download a free app from google play store.
    • This App called Quick Boot
    • Download and install Quick Boot on your Android phone.
    • Once installed, open this App.
    • From this App, just select the way you want to reboot your Android phone.
    • Therefore, you can select reboot into Custom Recovery.


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