SP Flash Tool Error - What it's Mean And How to Fix this Errors. (Part 1) - Android Guide

SP Flash Tool Error - What it's Mean And How to Fix this Errors. (Part 1)

SP Flash Tool Error - What it's Mean And How to Fix this Error.

SP Flash Tool Error. Below is list of SP Flah Tool errors that often occured when you flash your Android device. Every error has a different mean, so you must understand what kind of error that apear on your screen. Besides that, you must could fix any error to proceed flash the android device. So that flashing process goes smoothly and successfully.

For those who do not understand how to use SP Flash Tool to flash Android device you can follow this guide :

Android Phone Still Not Working After Flashing is Done.

  1. Error Message.
    • Phone still stuck at Bootlogo / Bootloop
  2. How to Fix it.
    • Check your firmware, it's proper with your device or not ?
    • Try a Firmware or Stock ROM from another source.
    • Ensure there is a formatted SD card in the phone before flashing.
    • Boot the Android phone into recovery mode and perform hard reset by selecting wipe data / factory reset menu.
    • Spare you time for 5 - 10 minutes for first boot.
    • If battery is removable, remove it from slot for 30 second, then install it on slot again.
    • Use MTK droid tools version 2.3.0 to upgrade firmware. tehn backup usrdata & cache or copy them from the clockwordmod backup.

SP Flash Tool Remains 0%.

  1. Error Message.
    • Phone only shows charging sign.
  2. How to Fix it.
    • You must install VCOM driver on your PC/laptop.
    • To install VCOM Drivers you can see this guide. 

Phone Automatically Disconnecting During Flash.

  1. Error Message.
    • The phone makes the disconnecting sound just as a flashingg begins, interupting the process.
  2. How to Fix it.
    • Try to using a different USB cable.
    • Try to change USB port.
    • Try to use a different PC or Laptop (windows OS).
    • While connecting Android phone to PC you can try it below.
      • Press and Hold Volume Down.
      • Or, you can try use Volume UP or both.
    • Use this method to connect Android phone to PC.
      • Launch device manager.
      • Launch it by Right click My Computer on start menu -> Properties -> on the left window click device manager.
      • Then, connect phone to the PC via original USB cable.
      • Then click menu on top and select Action -> Scan for hardware change. to refresh device manager list.
      • Take a note of what the phone is detected as (sometimes it's detected as Unknown or Mediatek under other devices. 
      • Now, right click on whatever the phone is detected as, and select Update Driver Software ...
      • Then, select Browse my computer for driver software.
      • Now, Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on My Computer.
      • Click Next
      • Click Have Disk
      • Then, Proceed with the Mediatek (VCOM) driver installation steps on this guide.

Error 5054

  1. Error Message.
  2. What is the meaning ?
    • The files you're trying to flash do not belong to or are not compatible with the Android phone you're trying to flash them to.
  3. How to Fix it.
    • Make sure you are using the correct files for flash this phone.
    • Try to format Android phone before perform flashing again.

Phone shows white screen, divided screen or strange colors after flashing.

  1. Error Message.
    • You can see the phone responding to buttons and making sound but all is blurred by white screen
  2. What is the meaning ?
    • You are flashing an incompatible ROM or Firmware file for your Android Phone.
  3. How to Fix it.
    • You can try to download from another source or visit official android website.

Failed When Initizlized Scatter.

  1. Error Message.
    • Initialize scatter file failed. Please check the scatter file name you load is legal
  2. What is the meaning ?
    • When this error message appear, it's mean SP Flash Tool does not accept the name format of your scatter file.
  3. How to Fix it.
    • Make sure your scatter file was not renamed.
    • Try to use a latest version of SP Flash Tool

Flashing Process was successful but phone's calibration doesn't work.

  1. Error Message.
    • Soft keys and touch screen don't work or not respond
  2. What is the meaning ?
    • not defined.
  3. How to Fix it.
    • Try to edit the scatter file using Notepad++ 
    • Then remove NODL__  (or set is_download: false to is_download: true ) in front of the items you have in the backup folder but aren't listed when you load the scatter file in SP flash tool. 
    • By doing this method, these items will become listed when next you load the scatter file (after saving of course) and therefore flashable.

USB device not recognized.

  1. Error Message.
    • USB device not recognized prompt at system tray after connecting  the phone to PC
  2. What is the meaning ?
    • When this error message appear, it's mean  The PC is having problems communicating with the Android phone (often due to interruption, hardware or driver problems)
  3. How to Fix it.
    • Try to usea different USB cable.
    • Try to install Mediatek (VCOM) driver installation steps on this guide.
For other type of SP Flash tool error, you can visit this link.


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