How to Unbrick and Flash Stock ROM Samsung Note 8 With ODIN

How to Unbrick and Flash Stock ROM Samsung Note 8 With ODIN 

Unbrick Samsung Note8. You can solve the bricked or boot loop problem on Samsung note 8 by following this guide. a boot loop is when your smartphone does not boot normally and just stops on the logo display, then reboot again. So, you can not use the phone to make calls or send messages. In addition to boot loop problems, the following guidelines can also be used to cope with unresponsive phones. the following guidelines will explain how to perform flash stock ROM using ODIN software. To flash according to the guide in this article, you must use a Windows OS-based computer. because the ODIN software only runs on Windows computers only.

You must download ODIN and stock ROM or firmware first. Also, prepare a computer or laptop that is free of viruses. This is done so that the flashing process can run smoothly without constrained virus factor. Usually, after you successfully flashing, your phone will return fresh as when first bought. Ok, if you are ready to flash. Please read further instructions below. Please read carefully, all the risks involved in doing flash is your own responsibility. We only provide general guidelines that are often used to flash the Stock ROM Samsung Galaxy Note 8. make sure all requirements meet the requirements of this guide.

I need to remind you before you proceed to follow this guide. flash stock ROM or firmware will delete all data stored in the mobile phone. you should backup all data to a more secure place, if still possible to do it.

Ok, let's start to flash Samsung Note8.


  1. a computer or laptop with Windows operating system.
  2. Download ODIN, Odin is used to assisting the flash process by sending stock ROM from pc to phone.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note8 Firmware. You need to select the model according to your country of residence.
    • Europe SM-N950X Here
    • Korean SM-N950N - Here
    • China 2 SIM SM-N9500 - Here
    • USA SM-N950U - Here
    • USA SM-N950U1 - Here
    • Global SM-N950F - Here
    • Canada SM-N950W - Here


  1. Extract ROM in a folder that you can easily find
  2. Boot your Galaxy Note 8 into Download mode.
    • How to boot Samsung Galaxy Note8 into download mode?
      • Press and hold Volume Down + Power Button + Bixby Button for a while till you see a warning screen. 
      • Once you see the warning screen, press the Volume Up Button and your phone will go into Download Mode. 
  3. Open ODIN software.
  4. Flash Stock ROM with ODIN
  5. Wipe data and cache from the recovery
  6. Done

Video Guide.

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