How to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Lenovo A319.

How to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Lenovo A319.

Install TWRP and Root Lenovo A319. The following guide will show you how to install TWRP recovery and then root your Lenovo A319 smartphone. Before you continue to read this guide, make sure your device is Lenovo A319. Don't try to apply this guide to the other device. This guide will use TWRP for Lenovo A319. This isn't the official TWRP recovery for Lenovo A319 smartphone from the official TWRP team. So, you must take your own risk if you want to follow this guide. Once the TWRP successfully installed on your Lenovo A319, you can make a rooting procedure now.

What is the advantage of installing TWRP recovery on Lenovo A319?
  1. The user can clean, wipe, cache and data.
  2. The user can remove all bloatware using TWRP Recovery.
  3. The user can make a full Nandroid backup.
  4. You can access to restore Nandroid backup.
  5. Make a root and unroot using TWRP recovery flashable ZIP SuperSU.
  6. You can flash a custom ROM.
  7. Etc.
Do you know what is TWRP Recovery? The following simple explanation will show the TWRP description. TWRP recovery is a custom recovery which is also known as TeamWin recovery. This recovery built in with touch screen enabled the interface. TWRP recovery allows the user to install a custom recovery and make a backup the current system. 

Prerequisite Before Installing TWRP Recovery.

  1. Make sure your device is Lenovo A319.
  2. We need a computer or laptop with Windows Operating System, to run SP flash tool. This will help us to flash a custom recovery.
  3. Make sure Lenovo A319 is fully charged, it will keep the Android system still alive during the flashing process.
  4. Always make a full backup to everything stored on phone internal memory, 
  5. D0wnl0ad and install SP flash tool on your computer. - Here
  6. D0wnl0ad - Here
  7. D0wnl0ad TWRP Recovery for Lenovo A319 smartphone. To d0wnload this file you must be a registered user at a needrom website.
    • TWRP Recovery - Here
    • TWRP Recovery - Here

Guide to Install TWRP Recovery.

  1. Once TWRP already downloaded on your computer d0wnload folder, now extract it. The ZIP folder containing 2 files.
    • MT6572_Android_scatter.txt
    • recovery.img
  2. Once SP flash tool already installed on your computer, now launch this program.
  3. You can read more instruction how to flash a TWRP recovery with SP flash tool by following the link below.
  5. When you get to this step, leave only the recovery line Checked (Ticked), 
    install TWRP recovery Lenovo A319
    install TWRP recovery Lenovo A319
  6. Then double-click on its Location field and browse for your device-specific custom recovery image file, that you can find in the list above (Step 1)

Guide To Root Lenovo A319.

  1. Copy the file to the root of your phone internal memory. 
  2. Then boot your Lenovo A319 into recovery mode, how to do it?
    • Press and hold the Volume Down + Power Button at the same time.
  3. Once your phone enter TWRP Recovery, now tap Install 
    TWRP recovery
    TWRP recovery 
  4. Then swipe to install SuperSU.
  5. Then, follow the next instruction.
  6. Once SuperSu successfully installed on your Lenovo A319 you can verify it using root checker app to check root status.
  7. You can get the root checker from Google Play Store.
  8. Finish.

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