How to Fix A Bootloop All Meizu Phone Stuck at Logo Only - Solved.

How to Fix A Bootloop All Meizu Phone Stuck at Logo Only - Solved.

Fix A Bootloop Meizu Phone. Hi, guys... the following guide will show you how to fix a boot loop at all Meizu smartphone. The problem arises when you want to boot your Meizu phone. It will be stuck at the Logo only and can't open any installed applications. Most of the causes of this problem are failed during phone firmware upgrade or rooting process. Actually, you can fix the problem by yourself, before bringing your phone to the service center. This is easy, everyone can do it. just follow the following guide to fix a boot loop on your Meizu device. This method works on almost all of Meizu phones types.

Ok, if you know what will you do to fix a boot loop at your Meizu phone. You can try to read the following guide.

How to fix Meizu Stuck at Logo.

  • Before you start to fix this problem, you must download the Meizu firmware from the following link.Then select your phone model.

How to Flash Firmware to Fix Meizu Bootloop.

  1. Make sure to charge your Meizu battery for at least 45 minutes, we recommend until fully charged. The system recovery will refuse if your battery power less than 20%.
  2. Turn off your Meizu device by press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds.
  3. Once it completely Power Off, now enter Meizu phone into recovery mode. How to do it?
    • Press and hold Volume Up button + Power button at the same time.
  4. Your Meizu phone will show "firmware not found" with an exclamation point in a triangle. or any image similarly with the following picture.
    meizu recovery mode
    Meizu recovery mode
  5. At this step, connect Meizu phone to the PC or laptop using an original USB cable.
  6. Now, copy the Firmware previously downloaded to the recovery folder. This folder located on the phone drive. 
  7. Then rename your firmware to update.
  8. Once step 7 done, now back to your Meizu phone.
  9. Give tick at system upgrade and then clear data.
  10. then, tap retry or update.
  11. Just wait for the flashing process until finished.
  12. Then your Meizu phone will reboot, for the first time booting it will take a while. It will take approximately 15 - 20 Minute.
  13. Finish, 
This is How to Fix A Bootloop All Meizu Phone Stuck at Logo Only - Solved. Good job... Good Luck.

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