How to Hard Reset to Unlock LG Aristo (T-Mobile) from Forgotten Password.

How to Hard Reset to Unlock LG Aristo (T-Mobile) from Forgotten Password.

Hard Reset LG Aristo. The following guide will show you how to perform a hard reset on the LG Aristo (T-Mobile) to unlock the phone. If your phone locked by password, PIN, or other phone screen security. You will be stuck at the password screen prompt, and you can't access your phone menu to use your phone and make any call or message. To unlock the LG Aristo (T-Mobile) from the forgotten password we need to restore this phone to the original factory settings. This may delete or wipe all files, data, installed app, and any account previously synced on your phone. Before everything loses, try to back up your file and write down your account first. Hard reset or master reset is the most powerful way to unlock your phone from a forgotten password. So, you can try this method if you have this problem on your phone. 

Before this step by step guide is started, we will show LG Aristo (T-Mobile) specifications.

Product Released- January 25, 2017 
Display- 5.0 inches
- HD In-Cell Touch Display With 2.5D Arc Glass
CPU- 1.4GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ – 425
Operating System
- Android™ Nougat 7.0 Operating System
Memory- 1.5 GB of RAM
Camera- 13 MP of rear camera
- 5 MP of front camera
Battery- 2,410mAh Removable Battery
- M210 T-Mobile

Now, let's start this guide.

Unlock Forgotten Password, PIN, Pattern Lock Screen Without Losing data.

Hard Reset LG Aristo (T-Mobile).

  1. Make sure to back up everything stored in your phone internal memory if possible.
  2. Important, try to remember your Gmail account previously synced in your LG Aristo (T-Mobile), it will avoid you stuck on Factory Reset Protection screen.
  3. Make sure to charge your phone battery at fully charged, or at least has 75% of battery capacity to avoid the Android system down during the hard reset process.
  4. If your phone is active now, just turn it off first.
  5. Now, you must turn it On again by a press and hold a combinations button located on the external phone body at the same time, these buttons are;
    1. Volume down button + Power button.
    Hard Reset LG Aristo
    Hard Reset LG Aristo
  6. Release your finger from power button only when you see the LG logo appear on your phone screen, then immediately push it back.
  7. Now you can release all button if your phone enter factory data reset menu.
    factory data reset
    factory data reset
  8. On this menu, you can use volume down or volume up to navigate all menu item. and use the power button to confirm it.
  9. Now, you can start to highlight yes using volume down button, and then confirm it using the power button.
  10. Then highlight yes again to start the hard reset process on your LG Aristo (T-Mobile).
  11. The hard reset will start to erase everything and restore your phone to the original factory setting, once this process successfully is done, the Android system will reboot automatically.
  12. Finish.

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