How to Upgrade Huawei P8Lite to GZOSP Android Oreo 8.0

How to Upgrade Huawei P8Lite to GZOSP Android Oreo 8.0.

GZOSP Oreo on Huawei P8Lite. Feel the experience of the latest Android operating system on your Android phone is a fun thing. from one of the surdu_petru threads present in the XDA forum, the idea for the following guides comes up. In this guide, we will simply explain How to Upgrade Huawei P8Lite to GZOSP Android Oreo. This is not an official ROM, but this is The Ground Zero Open-Source Project (GZOSP) ROM. Because this is not official ROM, you will definitely find some features that are not working properly.

Below is a list of some features that really working on your Android Oreo Huawei P8Lite devices.
  • Touchscreen - Working
  • GPS - Working
  • WiFi - Working
  • adb & mtp connectivity -working
  • Audio & Video playback - working
  • Internal & External Storage - working
  • Lights - working
  • Bluetooth - not working
  • NFC Connectivity - not working
  • Radio Interface Layer - not working
  • Camera - not working
  • Sensor - not working
    Huawei P8Lite Android Oreo
    Huawei P8Lite Android Oreo


  1. Downl0ad Here
    • md5 : 114e72d50148c24a991f4e2209603ad3
  2. TWRP must be installed on your Huawei P8lite. See this guide on how to install TWRP on Huawei P8Lite. 
  3. The Bootloader is Unlocked. See this guide to unlock bootloader Huawei phone.
  4. Your device must be updated to EMUI 4.1


  1. Make sure your battery is fully charged, or at least have half of full battery capacity.
  2. Boot your device into TWRP recovery.
  3. If your device didn't come from AOSPA/RROS Android N, you need to format data into TWRP.
  4. Now, perform a factory reset on your P8Lite.
  5. Then, install GZOSP ROM via TWRP recovery.
  6. At last, reboot your device into the system.
  7. Enjoy it.

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