Guide | How to Install TWRP Recovery on Android Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.

Guide | How to Install TWRP Recovery on Android Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.

Install TWRP Recovery Samsung Phone. On this guide below we will show you how to install the latest twrp recovery on Android Samsung Galaxy S4 device. TWRP or Teamwin Recovery Project is a fully touch-based a custom recovery, this recovery initially developed for Nexus devices. But now this TWRP available for  countless other Android smartphones and tablets. Including for Android Samsung device. Why we should install a TWRP custom recovery ? because TWRP recovery gives the Android user access to all the features they would expect from any custom recovery. Installing TWRP recovery is very simple and easy, nevertheless you must be careful to do it. Just follow this guide below to install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy S4 device with your own risk, and we don't take any responsibility for any damaged or bricked device during installing TWRP process.

This method is for international Samsung Galaxy S4, but this method is likely the same for all TWRP supported devices you can check what's new in all versions by going to and select the latest twrp version to know more about the change log.

Updating custom recovery is very important to avoid incompatibility issues, 

Install TWRP Recovery Samsung Galaxy S4.

  1. This method requires TWRP 2.8.4 or higher already installed. See this guide how to install TWRP with ODIN.
  3. Make sure to download file for your device by going to TWRP website 
  4. Search for your device (Samsung Galaxy S4) and then go to download page to find download link
  5. Then select the image file for example (twrp-3.0.0-0-jfltexx.img)
  6. Or you can directly go to the direct link below - twrp for Samsung Galaxy S4 international Qualcomm (jfltexx).
  8. Once it successfully downloaded now put it into your SD card.
  9. Now reboot your Samsung Galaxy S4 into recovery mode.
  10. Once your device reboot into Teamwin Recovery Project screen now tap Install
    twrp samsung galaxy S4
    twrp samsung galaxy S4
  11. And then select images to be able to see the file and now select the file.
  12. twrp file - samsung galaxy S4 international
    twrp file - samsung galaxy S4 international
  13. Now select reboot.
  14. Now swipe to confirm flash.
  15. It will start flashing process, just wait until your screen say successful.
  16. Now tap back and select Reboot.
  17. Then tap recovery to reboot to recovery again.
  18. Once your phone ready back to TWRP recovery, it should show you the version 3.0 
    twrp at Samsuung Galaxy S4 International
    twrp at Samsuung Galaxy S4 International
  19. Finish.

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