Guide How to Root All Android Motorola Phone Using SuperSU - Android Guide

Guide How to Root All Android Motorola Phone Using SuperSU

Guide How to Root All Android Motorola Phone Using SuperSU.

Root Android Motorola. This guide will show you step by step how to root Android Motorola device using SuperSU. When you root your Android device you will get privilege access to the device. There are some reasons why we need root our Android Motorola phone. Root Android phone will boost phone's speed and battery life, Block any advertisement in any installed Applications on your phone, Run Backup App that needs root permissions, Remove Pre-Installed App from the manufacturer, Install Incompatible Apps, Flash a custom kernel, Flashing custom ROM, Tweak your phone, and much more. 

On some phone rooting your device will void any warranty. Also if you not careful it will brick your Motorola phone. Other than that a rooted device will no longer get an official update from the manufacturer. 

So, if you understand what will you do on your device, you can continue to follow this guide below. There are some conditions to follow this guide.
  1. Unlock Bootloader your Motorola phone is needed.
  2. TWRP recovery is already installed on your phone.

Step By Step Root Motorola Phone.

  1. Download the latest SuperSU from the available link below.
  3. Copy SuperSU file to Internal SD card. Put this Zip file at root directory for easy access.
  4. Now, boot your Motorola phone into boot mode selector. Each Motorola phone has a different method to enter boot mode selector. For most combinations key are;
    • Power Button + Volume Down
    • Power Button + Volume UP
  5. Once your Motorola phone enters boot mode selector, now select recovery.
  6. Then, if you see this screen shown in the picture below just swap to allow modifications.
    TWRP recovery
    TWRP recovery
  7. Now, you are in TWRP menu.
    TWRP recovery menu
    TWRP recovery menu
  8. On this screen tap Install button.
  9. Now, navigate to the SuperSU file on Internal SD card.
  10. Once SuperSU found, just tap this Zip file to continue.
  11. Now swap to confirm Flash.
  12. swap to confirm flash
    swap to confirm flash
  13. And the zip file will be flash now.
  14. Once flashing completed now select Reboot system to reboot your Motorola phone.
  15. Once the Motorola phone ready to use, download root checker from Google Play store. to verify root status.
    root checker basic
    root checker basic
  16. Finish.

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