Guide | How to Unlock Bootloader on LG V20 - US996 (U.S. Cellular).

Guide | How to Unlock Bootloader on LG V20 - US996 (U.S. Cellular).

Unlock Bootloader on LG V20 - US996. There are many versions of LG V20 device, one of them released only at US. This called LG V20 US996 version. This device user now can unlock its bootloader officially using LG’s bootloader unlock tool. Unlock LG V20 bootloader will void official warranty and caused device stop working or totally damaged. So, to unlock LG V20 you must be careful. Be sure to understanding what are the risks to your device after unlock it. First, your LG V20 - US996 will disable certain functions of your phone. Second, LG V20 device will no longer be covered by LG warranty. Third, LG V20 become vulnerable. Fourth, take it as your own risk, because it can't undone.

Ok, if you understand what will you get after unlock LG V20, now you can follow this guide below. By unlock the LG V20 bootloader the user will able to install or flash a custom ROM, therefore the LG V20 can get a new experience using a different ROM on their LG V20 device. As shown at the picture below, we know that LG G20 - US996 belong supported device.
unlock bootloader LG V20
unlock bootloader LG V20

Unlock Bootloader LG V20.

  1. This guide is officially using LG’s bootloader unlock tool.
  2. Then visit this website.
  4. Now, scroll down until the end of the page. There you can find Starting Unlocking the Bootloader button.
  5. If you are not logged into your LG account, you will be ask to log in to the web.
  6. If you have successfully Login to the page, 

    • Your name and email address will be displayed in the form.
    • On the phone drop-down list, select LG US996.
    • Unlock Bootloader on LG V20 - US996
      Unlock Bootloader on LG V20 - US996
  7. Then enter 15 digits your IMEI or MEID. See this guide below to find your IMEI/MEID.
  9.  Now enter your Device ID.
    Lg device information form
    Lg device information form
  10. How to find Device ID ? See this guide 


  12. Now click submit.
  13. If your IMEI number and Device ID are valid, LG will send you the unlock key to your email on an attached file named “unlock.bin”.
  14. Now downlo4d unlock.bin file to the computer, then copy this file on adb directory.
  15. Then right click + Shift on empty area where you downlo4ded your bootloader unlock key (unlock.bin) and select open command window here.
    open command window here
    open command window here
  16. Then type Type the following cmd into command window:

    • type : adb reboot bootloader
      • hit enter
    • your LG V20 - US996 will reboot now.
    • Then type : fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin
      • hit enter
        unlock bin - unlock bootloader LG V20 - US996
        unlock bin - unlock bootloader LG V20 - US996

  17. Now your LG V20 - US996 (U.S. Cellular) has an unlocked bootloader.
  18. How to Check Bootloader Lock Status.

    1. From the step 9 above, you can type the following command below in command prompt windows.
      • Type  fastboot getvar unlocked
      • hit enter.
    2. You must get the response is "unlocked: yes"

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