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Guide How to Unlock Bootloader on Android LG V20 Smartphone.

Guide How to Unlock Bootloader on Android LG V20 Smartphone.

Unlock Bootloader on Android LG V20. Bootloader serves to instruct Android operating system kernel to boot normally. we know that Android Operating system is an open source software. And this Android software run on variety different phone model and hardware. Every hardware has a different of bootloader versions made by each manufacturer. By default bootloader on Android LG V20 Smartphone is locked. So, it's very impossible if you want to install or flash a custom ROM. But if you attempt to unlock your LG V20 bootloader you will void any device warranty if your device end up on damage or brick. Therefore you must be extra careful to follow this guide below. 

Before we continue our guide, I would like to say thanks to jcadduono at xda forum for this tips.

Now, you can follow this guide.


  1. LG V20 Drivers.
    • for windows Here
    • for Mac. Here
  2. Download ADB and fastboot. Here

Unlock LG V20 Bootloader.

  1. Enable developer options on your LG V20 device.
    • Go to : Settings --- About device --- Software info --- Build number 
    • Then tap seven times on build number until you see a warning that developer options is enable.
    • For more instructions, you can see this guide.
  2. Now, enable OEM Unlock.
    • Go to : Settings --- Developer options --- OEM unlock.
  3. Please make sure developer options and OEM Unlock is not turn off during installing custom ROM and recovery, to avoid your data lose.
  4. Then put your LG V20 to PTP mode. and connect to the computer via USB cable.
  5. Now, it's time to extract adb and fastboot on a computer folder.
  6. Then press and hold shift + rigth click mouse to open command prompt at adb and fastboot folder.
  7. Once command prompt window already open on computer screen, now type the following command below and press enter ;
    • adb start-server
  8. Once command above already execute, now check your LG V20 to see a notifications that say accept debugging authorization.
  9. Once the command authorized, now type the following command at prompt to reboot LG V20 to the fastboot :
    • adb reboot bootloader
  10. Make sure there isn't any error appear at command result. If so, try to check your USB cable or change to the other computer port.
  11. Then type the following command below to unlock LG V20 bootloader.
    • fastboot oem unlock
  12. You must understand what is the meaning of the last command. this command will wipe all data, file and installed applications on your LG V20 phone, and make factory reset.
  13. Now type the following command to check the LG V20 bootloader status.
    • fastboot getvar all
  14. You must see the result, for example ; ex. (bootloader) unlocked:yes
  15. For the end step, type the following command to reboot your LG V20 device;
    • fastboot reboot
  16. Finish.


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