Everything You Need to Know About Flashing Samsung device with ODIN.


Everything You Need to Know About Flashing Samsung device with ODIN.

Read this instruction below carefully when you flashing or Installing a new firmware into Samsung Android smartphone, cause it will avoid a failure or damage your Samsung device. There are some warning you should avoid it.

  1. Download only a Samsung firmware from the official website.
  2. Download ODIN (Samsung Flash Tool) from the trusted site.
  3. If you don't see a sign in Odin, Make sure Samsung Mobile Driver or Samsung Smart Switch installed correctly on your computer, 
  4. Always use original USB cable to connect your Samsung device to the computer.
  5. Never disconnect or Unplug the USB cable while flashing process is running. it will brick your Samsung device !
  6. Do Not Check "Nand Erase All" in any way !
  7. It is recommended to make factory reset or hard reset after flashing to have a fresh official firmware.

  8. Flashing firmware which contains more than one *.tar.md5 file will wipe all data on internal storage.
  9. Flashing official/stock firmware won't increase the binary flash nor KNOX WARRANTY VOID counter and won't cancel the Samsung device's warranty. 
  10. Flash your Samsung device at your own risk.

ODIN Troubleshooting.

If you see an error when running ODIN try the following options below.
  1. Try to Repeat all procedure from the beginning
  2. Change to the other USB port.
  3. Try to use another USB cable (make sure it is the original).

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  • Try to download and install another Odin version.
  • Try to Uninstall and re-install driver on your computer
  • Try to download another Samsung firmware from trusted site
  • Try to use another computer, maybe your current computer infected by virus.

  • Use ODIN software if you are 99% sure what is the risks involved in flashing your Samsung device, Guidebelajar recommend using Samsung’s own utilities, Samsung Smart Switch and OTA (Over-the-air), to upgrade devices