Thursday, May 19, 2016

[Guide] How to Unlock and Relock Bootloader on Asus Zenfone 2 ZE500CL

[Guide] How to Unlock and Relock Bootloader on Asus Zenfone 2 ZE500CL.

Unlock and Relock Bootloader Asus Zenfone. this guide will show you how to Unlock and Relock Bootloader on Asus Zenfone. This guide is an unofficial bootloader unlock tool, and you will not get any technical help or support for issues arising after unlocking the Asus Zenfone bootloader. If you understand what will you do to unlock the bootloader on your Asus Zenfone Android smartphone, now you can following ths guide below. Before we continoued this guide, I would like to say thanks to  CHuvaCK21 for this awesome tool.


  1. Download the Unofficial Unlock Bootloader tool here. 
  3. Extract and copy all file to the SD Card.

Guide to Unlock Bootloader Asus Zenfone.

  1. Makse sure your Asus Zenfone battery is fully charged, or at least has 75% of battery capacity.
  2. Now enter Droidboot. see this guide how to enter droidboot.
  3. Once you enter droidboot now run the bat file Unlock.bat. -> to unlock bootloader
  4. Or, run Relock.bat -> to relock bootloader.
  5. Wait the process untill finish
  6. Good luck

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