Guide - How to Flash Lenovo ZUK Z1 Using Un-Official TWRP Recovery - Android Guide

Guide - How to Flash Lenovo ZUK Z1 Using Un-Official TWRP Recovery

Guide - How to Flash Lenovo ZUK Z1 Using Un-Official TWRP Recovery.

Flash TWRP Lenovo ZUK Z1. On this guide we will show you how to Flash Lenovo ZUK Z1 Using Un-Official TWRP Recovery. This mean, if you have any trouble on your Lenovo ZUK Z1 as bootloop, bricked, or unstable android system run on your smartphone, you can fix it by following this guide. this is simple and easy guide you can follow to solve and get back android system using TWRP on Lenovo ZUK Z1.

On this guide we will use custom recoveries to flash Lenovo ZUK Z1, which replace the limited stock ones, adding all sorts of functionality to your phone. Flashing a custom recovery is often a key part of the rooting process, but that is not its only use. Here is a short tutorial to falsh your Lenovo ZUK Z1. By using custom ROMs you will completely overhaul the looks and functionality of an Android smartphone, and usually they are the main reason for first flashing a custom recovery.

Before you proceed to flashing on Lenovo ZUK Z1 device, you must make sure your Android device has feature like this.LG Tribute LS660 is the smartphone with 5,5 Inchi wide IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, work on Android OS, v5.1.1 (Lollipop), planned upgrade to v6.0 (Marshmallow), chipset Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801 and supported with Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400 CPU, combined with 3 GB of RAM and 13 MP of  Main camera and 8 MP on secondary camera.

You need to consider, if you still continue to proceed this guide, 
  • Your warranty is now void.
  • guidebelajar not responsible for bricked devices, broken SD cards and so on.
  • Bug reports or confirmation of working things are welcome.
  • Don't use on an encrypted file system.


  • This TWRP doesn't work for ZUI devices. But you're welcome to test it and report back but so far this only tested it with Cyanogen OS
  • You must need ADB and Fastboot, you can get this according your OS here
     (you don;t need to download android studio)
  • After download, you must install ADB on your computer. see here for more instruction. 
  • Once ADB installed open Android SDK Manager and download platform-tools. You can untick everything else.
  • For tricky step : If you have ZUI device you must install the ShenQi USB driver which is located on a partition of your phone which should mount as a CD when connected via USB
  • When you run Cyanogen OS, sometimes your Lenovo ZUK Z1 isn't mounted properly in Device Manager -> Windows OS
  • To solve this problem you can use the Google USB Driver ZIP.

Error When Recognize Best Driver for Lenovo ZUK Z1.

If windows still not recognize your driver and showing an error claiming the best driver is already installed, you can do a little trick, 
  • Just right click ZUK Z1 or whatever it is named on your computer device manager, 
  • Then click Update driver.
  • Then click Browse my computer for driver software.
  • Then click Have disk.
  • Once you have done this, browse to the extracted USB driver.
  • Then open the .inf file 
  • It will show you three options, and now you must select ADB device at top one.
  • And then you can click yes to any warning appear on your screen, 
  • Now, your Lenovo ZUK Z1 should be mounted.

Check device is mounted for ADB.

After your Lenovo ZUK Z1 device is detected and mounted on the computer device manager, now check it mounted for ADB.
  • Before proceed it, please enable ADB on your device.
  • Got to Settings -> About Phone - > Tap on Build Number 7 times -> Until it says You Are A Developer.
  • Then go back, and enable ADB in developer options, you should get an RSA Authentication prompt on your phone
  • Open CMD (windows logo on keyboard + Letter R)
  • Then change directory (CD) to the platform-tools folder in your Android SDK directory.
  • Then type .
  • adb devices 
  • This command will start ADB daemon, and should show your Lenovo ZUK Z1 device.


To proceed this guide you must download  the TWRP image. Android File Host for Z1 TWRP V2.1 

Guide - How to Flash Lenovo ZUK Z1.

  1. Open CMD (windows logo on keyboard + Letter R)
  2. Then change directory (CD) to the platform-tools folder in your Android SDK directory.
  3. Then type .
  4. adb reboot bootloader 
  5. This command will force your Lenovo ZUK Z1 device to reboot and boot into bootloader mode.
  6. Because your Lenovo ZUK Z1  isn't recognized as a fastboot device you will have to specify the OEM id. It is 0x2b4c
  7. Now type, 
  8. -i 0x2b4c 
  9. Then check your bootloader on your device is locked or not, by type :
  10. fastboot -i 0x2b4c oem get-device-info 
  11. If your bootloader is unlocked, it will return to ;
  12. (bootloader) Device unlocked: true 
  13. It's mean you can continue to proceed Flash Lenovo ZUK Z1 Using Un-Official TWRP Recovery, and ready to begin the flashing process.
  14. Now copy and paste the downloaded file (TWRP image) to your platform tools folder and type:
  15. fastboot -i 0x2b4c flash recovery z1.twrp.
  16. Wait for process, and fastboot should say OKAY.
  17.  Then you can reboot your Lenovo ZUK Z1 phone
  18.  To get into recovery and begin flashing ZIPs turn off your Lenovo ZUK Z1  and then turn it back on.
  19. When it vibrates press and hold both Volume Up and Volume Down until it boots into TWRP.
  20. Finish. Enjoy it.
Special thanks to Breadcrust
 at xda forum for great tittle.


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