Guide to Backup data on Rooted android device using Titanium Backup - Android Guide

Guide to Backup data on Rooted android device using Titanium Backup

Guide to Backup data on Rooted android device using Titanium Backup.

Backup data using Titanium Backup. There are many method to backup your data stored on Android smartphone device. you can select one of method that suitable to your device. for simple method and you does not need root access you can use Google backup. Google backup will backup your data (SMS, MMS, Password, etc) when you setup your android device with Google Account. On this case you must need an internet connections to save your data on google server. this free and easy to use. 

But if you don't like this method you can use an App that available on Google Play store, this App does not need root access to your device. You can download and isntall Easy Backup & restore on your Android device to backup all data. Don't worry to use this App it's free.

If your Android device is rooted, you can try this App from Google play store. I think this is the best solution to backup your data on rooted phone, and this app is called Titanium Backup. By using Titanium Backup you can back up absolutely everything on your Android device. Your backup can be completely restored at any time. You can find a better feature on Titanium Backup, at this time you can set up schedule backups so you hava a regular snapshot of your Android devices data. At Titanium Backup your backup file can be saved as flashable zips file. And Titanium backup also lets you to transfer file or data between the SD card or external memory and internal memory on your Android phone.

Guide to backup using Titanium Backup.

  1. Make sure your Android device is rooted.
  2. If you unsure, please verify your root access using Root Checker.
  3. Then, Download and install Titanium backup from Google Play store.
    titanium backup
    titanium backup
  5. When finish, Open Titanium backup directly from Google Play store, or you can go to App drawer and find your App
  6. Now, Tap Grant to give Titanium backup grants full access to all device features and storage.
    grant root access
    grant root access
  7. Enable USB debugging on Android device,
  9. or see this guide.
  11. Then you'll see three tabs on Titanium backup.
    tab on titanium backup
    tab on titanium backup
    • One is an Overview tab with information on your device, 
    • The second is Backup/Restore where you can do everything here to backup and restore your Android data.
    • The third is for scheduling regular backups.
  12. To start backup, you can Go to the Backup and Restore tab. Here, you can see all the Android device phone content. This content has icons that indicate whether or not they have been backed up. Beside the icon you will see signs, that mean :
    warning sign - titanium backup
    warning sign - titanium backup
    • Triangular warning signs : you have no backup
    • Smiley warning means : your data content is backed up.
  13. To start back up your system data or apps, just tap the little document with a check mark on it at the top. This will take you to the batch actions list.
    batch action - titanium backup
    batch action - titanium backup
  14. At this screen you can choose any option avalaible on batch actions.
    • If you want to back up your apps, tap Run next to Backup all User Apps 
    •  if you want to back up your system data tap Run next to Backup all System Data.
  15. Then, Titanium backup will go through the process of creating your backup. This may take a while.
    backup process - titanium backup
    backup process - titanium backup
  16. Once completed, your backup will be labeled with the date and saved. 
  17. You can also create an file to be flashed through recovery if you like, or you can restore through Titanium backup itself.

Restore Data Using Titanium Backup.

Next step on this guide is restoring data from saved backup in Titanium backup.
  1. To restore your data in Titanium, just go to :
    • Batch Actions screen and scroll down this page. 
    • You'll see options under the Restore setting.
    • In this case you can choose,
      • Restore all apps with data 
      • Restore all system data.
        restore data - titanium backup
        restore data - titanium backup
  2. Then, Tap Run next to the actions you want to restore.
  3. Then, you have the option to restore everything you backed up or just some sections of it. 
    restore data - titanium backup
    restore data - titanium backup
  4. Make your choices and tap the green check mark in the top right-hand corner.
  5. Finish, enjoy this cool app.


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