Guide to back up and Restore Data on Android smartphone Using Google Backup. - Android Guide

Guide to back up and Restore Data on Android smartphone Using Google Backup.

Guide to back up and Restore Data on Android smartphone Using Google Backup.

Back up and Restore Data Using Google Backup. On this guide we will show to you how to backup your data and file stored on Android smartphone using Google Backup, this is very easy for us to perform this backup methode, evenly you are a beginer on android experience. If you are setting up your android device with a Google account, you are now able to perform backups of all data and files directly when your android device connected to the Internet. By using Google Backup you will find an option for backing up your data, including Wi-Fi passwords, preferences and app data. All of this will be tied to your Google account, which you can set to automatically restore when you re-install an app after performing factory reset.

To avoid data and file on your android smartphone device lost, you must perform a backup them. You will never know when your file and data could be lost, Many reason caused your data lost, it's occured when your android smartphone is lost, damage, errors that occur when you perform a factory reset or a hard reset, or even when you perform a flash on the Android device. A lot of Data stored in android smartphone,  that data is photo album, music, video, accounts, installed applications and the other files.

Many methods that you can use to perform backups on android smartphone devices, for it in this guide we will show some methods that can we use to perform backups on android. Depending on your smartphone model currently have to define backup methods, as an example: Samsung android smartphone manufacturer created a program called Samsung's Kies. This program allows you to backup all data android stored on the device, and also allows to restore it later. If you are unsure of your android smartphone manufacturers, you can read the instructions and guide below using Google Backup method.

Guide to back up data using android Back up service.

You can back up photos, files, video, and music from your Android device using one or more Google Accounts connected to your Android device, When you replace or arase all data stord on Android device, you can restore your data using any account that you backed up. This backup and reset options only appear on the tablet or smartphone owner, when they set this device for multiple users. to do this follow this instruction below :
  1. Make sure your Android device is connected internet using mobile data or WiFi connection.
  2. Make sure you have set up your Google accounts on this device.
  3. Now, Open device's Settings menu.
  4. settings
  5. Scrool down this screen and find Backup And Reset.
  6. If you have more than one Google Account on your Android device, you must select which account already to save your backup at Backup Account.
    set backup account
    set backup account
  7. But, if you don't already have a backup account on your Android device, you can Add one at add Account.

Guide to restore data using Android Backup Service.

By using Android Backup service you can restore your data on the other or new device, And restore app settings after you have backed up your data to your Google account. So, when you add your Google account to Android device, the data that you previously backed up for that Google account is restored to the device. What kind of data and settings can be restored.
  1. Gmail settings. When you back up your data on android device using Google accounts, you Gmail settings can be restored too. So, you don't need to customize a Gmail settings anymore when you restored it on a new Android device.
  2. Home Screen Wallpapers.
  3. Wi-Fi networks & passwords.
  4. Google calendar settings.
  5. Apps installed through Google Play (backed up on the Play Store app)
  6. Language and Input settings
  7. Date and time
  8. Third-party app settings and data (varies by app)
You can use this features to restore app setings when you reinstall an app on your devices
  1. Now, Open device's Settings menu
  2. Scrool down this screen and find Backup And Reset.
  3. Make sure Automatic restore is active.

Erase your Android device data.

Sometimes we want to sell our Android device to anyone, but we don't want any data stored leave on this device, so, we must erase everything on android device. To do this we can perform factory reset. By performing factory reset or hard reset, all data stored on your Android device will be erased. While any data stored in your Google Account will be restored. all apps and their associated data will be uninstalled.

To restore your data on a new Android device, you will need to re-enter the same information requested when your first set it up on previously Android device.With condition you have been backing up your data to a Google Account, an option during the setup process allows you to restore it.Now, how to erase data ?

  1. Open device's Settings menu
  2. Scrool down this screen and find Backup And Reset.
  3. Tap on Factory data reset. this will reset all settings to factory defaults and erase all device data such as,
    • Your Google account
    • Download Apps
    • System and app data
  4. If you want erase all data (music, pictures and other user data), you must tick on Erase internal storage.
  5. Confirm it by pressing Reset Phone button
  6. Wait the erase process and your Android device will reboot.
  7. Finish


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