Guide To Flash / Install Firmware LG AKA with Original Stock ROM Using LG Flash Tool. - Android Guide
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Guide To Flash / Install Firmware LG AKA with Original Stock ROM Using LG Flash Tool.

Guide To Flash / Install Firmware LG AKA with Original Stock ROM Using LG Flash Tool.

Flash / Install Firmware LG AKA. LG Magna is the Android smartphone which announced in February 2015 and exactly released on 2015, May. Guidebelajar on this guide will explain to you how to flashing android device on LG AKA  with an easy and simple stepFlashing in android is the same way like a fresh install on the windows PC, So by performing a flash on Android, you will give a new performance like a new phone. One reason that you should perform a flash your android is because your Android gets a boot loop or when you failed to install Stock ROM Mod. 

This LG AKA is the smartphone with 5,0 Inchi wide LCD, work on Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat) and supported with Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 CPU, Adreno 305 GPU, combined with 1,5 GB of RAM and 8MP of the Main camera and 2,1 MP on secondary camera. And this device released 2015, March.
Flash / Install Firmware LG AKA
Flash / Install Firmware LG AKA

So, If you have any problems on LG AKA boot loop or accidental LG AKA is not installed recovery. In this guide, I'm not offering recovery twrp or Cwm. CMW is a recovery that already in recovery mode for customization of the device such that the LG AKA with a variety of additional functions in it such as backup/restore, installations and others that are not contained in the standard recovery mode. Generally, in case of a default recovery bootloop, LG AKA will go missing in case of boot loop. whereas the original recovery cannot help when there hard brick.
Now, follow the instruction list below, do it with your own risk.

Requirement Tool For Flash LG AKA.

Before you perform flash or install your firmware on LG AKA,
you must download all requirement tool below ;
  1. Download Stock Rom LG AKA:
  2. Download Driver LG: 
  4. Latest LG FlashTool: 

Guide To Flash LG AKA

Please follow this guide carefully to flash LG AKA.
  1. Make sure you have downloaded all requirement tool above
  2. Then Install the drivers with your phone connected to your Computer, when it finished disconnecting your LG AKA phone from your computer.
  3. Now turn your LG AKA phone off, then click continuously on the up volume and connect your phone to your PC, 
  4. Now, enter your LG AKA into download mode.( visit this guide)
  5. Now, Open Device Manager on your computer, search and click for "Ports (COM & LPT)".If  driver is installed properly, you will see "LGE Mobile USB Serial Port (COM)"
    flash LG AKA stock rom
    flash LG AKA stock ROM
  6. Then you can Double-click on "LGE Mobile USB Serial Port (COM)"
  7. Click Port Settings> Advanced > beside the "COM Port Number:" select "COM11", 
    flash LG AKA stock rom
    flash LG AKA stock ROM
  8. Now, Disconnect the USB cable, wait a few seconds and then plug it in again to make sure the drivers no problem.
  9. Next step is Install LG Flash Tool, but leave it don't open this program.
  10. On the LG Flash Tool Folder, there is a file "MegaLock.dll", right-click the file and then copy and paste into LG Flash Tool installation folder, usually, you can find this folder in C: \ LG \ LGFlashTool then replaces the original file.
  11. Now you can Run Flash Tool, check the Select Manual Mode, (1)
    LG flash tool
    LG flash tool
  12. Click on "..." to the .dll file that is in the folder, LG Flash Tool. (2)
  13. Set S / W to stock firmware downloaded file .tot (3)
  14. Then select UPGRADE DL.
  15. Now you can click the Start button with "Yellow Arrow" sign,
  16. start button flash LG AKA stock rom
    start button, flash LG AKA stock ROM
  17. If you see READY!!, then reconnect your phone. Then "Waiting for Connection" text will appear in the COM41 window.
    READY message on lg flash tool
    READY message on LG flash tool
  18. Disconnect a USB Cable for a few seconds and then reconnect again.
  19. After your USB Cable is connected, your phone will flash, 
  20. During the flashing process, the phone will reboot itself and will display "MiniOS Factory Reset Status". Sometimes it occurs at 80% of process then LG AKA will shut off, don't worry about it
  21. progress bar on lg flash tool
    a progress bar on LG flash tool
  22. You can leave this process
  23. Just leave it, and then it will say "PASS !!" on screen.
    Pass Message on lg flash tool
    Pass Message on LG flash tool
  24. Its mean flashing process is completed and successful.
  25. Disconnect a cable and remove the batteries,
  26. For a few seconds re-insert the battery and turn On your LG AKA.
  27. If your LG AKA does not go to turn on. You can turn it on by pressing the Power button and Volume Down (-), until you can see the LG Release Button and Factory Reset, select reset and then the phone will reboot and starts normally.


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