Guide How To Update iOS 9 On iPad iPhone And iPod

Guide How To Update iOS 9 On iPad iPhone And iPod.

Update iOS 9 On iPad iPhone And iPod. Before this post release iOS 9 only available on beta version. Now iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch user can try to use this OS. Apple released Official iOS 9 at september, 16 2015. This is an international issue, and may different for some country. All Apple devices user if want to try iOS 9 must consider this reason before download it, you can follow some suggest below as your guide.
  • Make sure your devices supported with iOS 9 before you download and install this iOS 9. For iOS 8 user will automatically get iOS 9 notifications.
  • Always backup all important data that stoted in your Apple devices.
  • This is Apple devices that compatible with iOS 9: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Pro, All iPad Mini and iPad Air. iPod Touch, iPod Touch 5, iPod Touch 6.
  • You can use some backup tool to backup your data savely. If you use a computer to backup your Apple device, you can use iTunes. But, you can use online backup using iCloud backup. For Camera Roll you can use app image capturefrom OS X or photo if you use latest OS X Yosemite.
Backup procedure is used to restore your data if your iOS 9 update is fail. So you feel free and save. After you backup data that stored on Apple devices, you can do a little thing before update process is started. You can erase a bigger application installed on your devices. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage. Wait a moment for checking process finished, when this process finished you can choose a big application and uninstall it.

There is a different between earlier iOS 8 with iOS 9. On iOS 8 you must have 4GB freespace on your Apple devices, but when you planning to update your iOS with iOS 9 you only need 1 GB freespace for OTA updates or 2 GB if download .IPSW separated file.

The easy way how to get iOS 9 update is using Over The Air (OTA) update directly from your iOS devices. For this case your iOS devices must connect to the internet. For better connection and cheaper internet cost you can use a Wi-Fi network.

When you have a stable internet connection, now go to Settings > General > Software Updates. On this screen you can see update iOS 9 notification ready to download. Now press download and install. Read agreement carefully and enter Security Passcode Lock on field. When it done press install button and let iOS 9 update runs.

Update file size is difference between iOS version, it's 800 MB untill 1,4 GB. Make sure you have fast an internet connection, if does not try using iTunes via computer, it is saver from fail risk.

How to update iOS 9 using iTunes.

- Connect your iOS devices 

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