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Guide To Flash LG G Flex Android Using KDZ Method.(Europe Only)

Guide To Flash LG G Flex Android Using KDZ Method (Europe Only).

Flash / Install Firmware LG G Flex. Many articles available on the internet that give guide to flash LG G flex, and perhaps this article is one of them, but this time will I have to flash the LG G Flex using KDZ for europe country. Flashing in android is the same way like fresh install on the windows PC, So by perform a flash on Android you will give a new performance like a new phone. One reason that you should perform a flash your android is because your android get bootloop or when you failed to install Stock ROM Mod. 

This LG G Flex  is the smartphone comes with Android OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) and supported CPU Quad-core 2.26 GHz Krait 400, GPU Adreno 330, 2 GB of RAM as their engine, combined with 13 MP of primary camera, and 2.1 MP on secondary camera.

So, If you have any problems on LG G Flex  bootloop or accidental LG G Flex  is not installed recovery. In this guide I'm not offering recovery twrp or Cwm. CMW is a recovery that already in recovery mode for customization of the device such that the LG G Flex  with a variety of additional functions in it such as backup / restore, installations and others that are not contained in the standard recovery mode. Generally, in case of a default recovery bootloop LG G Flex  will go missing in case of bootloop. whereas the original recoery can not help when there hardbrick.

Now, follow the isntruction list bellow, do it with your own risk.

Requirement Tool For Flash LG G Flex .

Before you perform flash or install your firmware on LG G Flex ,
you must download all requirement tool ;
  1. Download Firmware LG Official (format KDZ) :  
    • This Stock is KDZ file, remember to copy this KDZ file into LG Flash Tool 2014 folder

  3. Download Driver LG: 
  5. Latest LG FlashTool : 
  7. If LG Flash tool can not run, try to install Visual C++ Runtime Library first, and you can download 

Guide To Flash LG G Flex

Please follow this guide carefully to flash LG G FLEX .
  1. Make sure you have download all requirement tool above
  2. Then Install the drivers with your phone connected with your Computer, when it finished disconnect your LG G FLEX phone from your computer.
  3. Now turn your LG G FLEX phone off, then click continuously on the up volume and connect your phone to your PC, 
  4. Now, enter your LG G FLEX into download mode.  (visit this guide )
  5. Run LGFlashTool2014.exe.
  6. There are two options to flash your LG G FLEX.
    • Normal Flash : You can select this option if you want Flash ROM without losing any data. Only use this when you need to fix system error.
    • CSE Flash : You can choose this option when you need a fresh format. All data will be deleted. It's suitable for upgrading or downgrading ROM or simply use this when you need to back to Stock. 

      LG flash tool normal flash / CSE flash
      LG flash tool normal flash / CSE flash
  7. Select Type: CDMA
  8. PhoneMode: DIAG
  9. Select KDZ file : browse your KDZ file in your drive
  10. Then you can Click on Normal Flash or CSE Flash (see step 7 to decide this option)
  11. Then click Start.
    LG flash tool - start
    LG flash tool - start
  12. Then click on Clear Phone Software update registry.
    Lg flash tool - Clear Phone Software update registry.
    Lg flash tool - Clear Phone Software update registry.
  13. No need to choose desired language, it automatically change to English as a default setting.
  14. Finally you can click OK.
  15. You must wait a minute for the LG Mobile Support tool to recognize the LG G FLEX device.
  16. When you wait this process, may take 5 minute the tool to recognize it.
  17. The software will start the extraction on your device.
  18. When the process reach 100% your LG G FLEX will reboot.
  19. Then, you must Unplug your LG G FLEX from your computer by remove USB Cable from it.,
  20. Finish,

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