Guide To Flash / Install Firmware Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57) Using Flash Tool. - Android Guide


Guide To Flash / Install Firmware Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57) Using Flash Tool.

Guide To Flash / Install Firmware Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57) Using Flash Tool.

Flash / Install Firmware Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57). Guidebelajar on this guide will explain to you how to flashing android device on Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57) with easy and simple stepFlashing in android is the same way like fresh install on the windows PC, So by perform a flash on Android you will give a new performance like a new phone. One reason that you should perform a flash your android is because your android get bootloop or when you failed to install Stock ROM Mod. 

So, If you have any problems on Acer Liqud JADE Z (S57) bootloop or accidental Acer Liquid Z160 or liquid JADE Z (S57) is not installed recovery. In this guide I'm offering recovery twrp or Cwm. CMW is a recovery that already in recovery mode for customization of the device such that the Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57) or Z160 with a variety of additional functions in it such as backup / restore, installations and others that are not contained in the standard recovery mode. Generally, in case of a default recovery bootloop Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57) will go missing in case of bootloop. whereas the original recoery can not help when there hardbrick.

Now, follow the isntruction list bellow, do it with your own risk.

Prepare Flash Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57).

  1. Latest SP Flash tool : Download Here
  2. USB Driver Acer liquid JADE Z (S57) : Here
  3. Firmware, download link avalable at the end of this post.
  4. To ensure what is firmware used by your device, you can check by go to Setting ->About -> Software Information ->Build Number.

Flashing Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57).

  1. At the first time, please Install driver for Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57) that already downloaded before. Then remove your back case, battery, sim card and SD Card  if installed
  2. Then, Connect your Acer liquid JADE Z (S57) to Computer, while holding the power button and volume up. The PC will detect the new hardware, just ignore it. 
  3. Then, release USB data cable from the PC.
  4. Open SP flash tool software and click scatter load. find acer JADE Z (S57) scatter storage location earlier.
  5. Then , On the file recovery you should give a checklist. click recovery and select the desired recovery. whether use TWRP or CWM.
  6. Then, click download
  7. Next step is plug your Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57) to your PC (without SIM Card, or SD Card)
  8. Wait process untill finished
  9. Next, Disconnect your Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57) from your PC.
  10. Enter recovery Mode by : Press Power Button + Volume UP. select Recovery .
  11. Finally install Stockrom or original firmware (you can find link at the end of this post)
  12. Reboot your phone.
  13. Success.

Download Custom Recovery.

CWM Acer Liquid JADE Z (S57) Here

Firmware Acer Liquid Z410 Dual SIM

  1. Firmware   Here
  2. Firmware  Here
  3. Firmware  Here


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  1. The Acer Liquid Jade Z does not have a removable battery

    1. yes, you right sir, it's a built-in battery and u can't open or remove it