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How To Root And Install CWM Lenovo K3 NOTE.

How To Root And Install CWM Lenovo K3 NOTE.

Root Lenovo K3 NOTE Today's guidebelajar will share to you about how to perform a root on Android smartphone device. Now I will explain how to root on Lenovo K3 NOTE this device comes with Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat) and supported with Chipset Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410, Processor Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53, combined with 1 GB of RAM and 8 MP as their engine. In this Guide, guidebelajar will show a simple, fast, and definitely safer than SPFTools. Sometimes SPFTools VCOM working on ports that are not always recognized, sometimes give problems also installing special drivers, they are almost always a problem for Windows because of the signatures on the driver.

Before we continued our experiment I will explain to you what is the meaning of root on Android, Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android's subsystems. One thing that should you know that rooting on your Lenovo K3 NOTE may cause loss of warranty. You are only responsible for any further losses and damages caused to the device. We will not be held liable in any circumstances.

Guide Root Lenovo K3 NOTEstep by Step.

Make sure to always take backup all your important data like music, video, SMS, document (see this guide) and other data to the other resource outside of Lenovo K3 NOTE device, and make sure your battery is fully charged or at least there is 80% of power on it before you continued to proceed.

  1. The first time that you need is to download Driver Lenovo K3 Note + PDAnet+: 
    • Driver :!O4lmBaZa!jCUk1z0BB6wsBgP1P3e5BdoJQtBY_xi6TXuwcBOCv5k
    • PDAnet
  2. Then, Install all drivers Lenovo that you have been downloaded.
  3. Once you finished installing this driver you must enable the USB debugging and wait for Windows to complete its configuration. How to enable USB debugging? 
  5. When completed restart the PC and install the utility on the device.
  6. Be sure to restart to have all the drivers installed correctly and stay in Debug USB.
  7. Then, you must download SuperSU  
  9. On the next step, you must download Minimal ADB with Recovery K3 notes included

  11. After you finished download this file, then you must extract this file,
  12. Then you can find and open py_cmd.exe on extracted file
  13. Run this file and then you type.
    • adb devices
  14. This command To ensure that the PC recognizes your Lenovo K3 Note device, and if it should be unauthorized make sure that USB debugging at your Lenovo K3 Note is enabled.
  15. Then you type command.
    • adb reboot bootloader
  16. When you Type this command will reboot the phone on a black screen and will go in fastboot .
  17. Next command you must type 
    • fastboot devices
  18. This command will confirm the above.
  19. Next, type this command
    • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  20. This command will install the much sought CWM, but it is not over yet!
  21. to reboot your devices, type this command.
    • fastboot reboot
  22. This command will restart the device.

How to Get Root Permissions.

On the next guide, we will show to you how to get root permission of Lenovo K3 Note, 

  1. Your device must power off, wait for a moment until your phone really shut down. 
  2. Now you should turn it On using this combination key.
    3. This action will bring you to recovery mode on Lenovo K3 Note,
    4. Once you are in recovery mode, just select the option called ‘install zip’ and choose zip from /sdcard to browse the SuperSU zip file you have downloaded earlier.
    5. Wait for few seconds to complete the task, once it done, just reboot your device.

Yiiihaaa, The device is rooted and ready to install new ROM, congratulations

Install new ROM from SPF Tools CWM.

First, before you go ahead to make sure you have followed all the guidance above in the first part of this guide.
  1. First, Remove the battery and attach only the USB cable, then set the SPFTools this:
  2. Download SPF tools V5
  3. Now extract everything and put it in a folder convenient for you.
  4. Then download this Rom
  5. ROM (Rom1949Deal)
  6.  Here (password 0222).
  8. Once your ROM downloaded, extract directory in a readily available and open flash_tool.exe.
  9. Follow next step on the screen, until finished.
you can find more detail instruction here


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