How to Root HTC One Mini. - Android Guide

How to Root HTC One Mini.

How to Root HTC One Mini.

Root HTC One Mini. Today's guidebelajar will share to you about how to perform root on android smartphone. Now I will explain how to root on HTC One Mini. Before we continued our experiment I will explain to you what is the meaning of root on android, Actually root your Android HTC One Mini isn't allowed by your vendor, it will void any warranty for your device. Because if your device is rooted it became vulnerable, even cause your Android system became unstable or may damage. So, you must be careful to follow this guide below to Root HTC One Mini.

Root HTC One Mini.
Root HTC One Mini.

Guide Root HTC One Mini.

Something that should you know before rooting on HTC One Mini, Although root process does not erase the data stored on the internal memory but I advise you to backup your important data first before proceeding to avoid things that are not desirable.
Keep your battery charged enough power in the process of root, at least you can set up approximately 70% of the power that are stored in the battery. Then you can follow this guide :

  1. Make sure your device model is HTC One Mini
  2. First step that you need is download and install ADB or fastboot here.
  4. Download TWRP Recovery
      and SuperSU 
  6. Then unlock your bootloader, see this guide for step by step instruction.
  8. Then download and install USB Driver that fit for your HTC One Mini Here.
  9. Connect your HTC One Mini to your PC, 
  10. Enable USB Debugging your  HTC One Mini. see This Guide 
  12. Then you Copy and paste the file to your SD card, making sure the file goes to SD card and not to another folder
  13. Turn Off Your HTC One Mini and disconnect from USB cable
  14. Next step is Boot your HTC One Mini into recovery mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power keys at the same time. 
  15. Then, Extract files from Recovery.rar in one location and simply click on recovery.bat. Press Enter and It will start pushing TWRP to your device and within few seconds it will show as finished.
  16. Then Activate your windows command prompt, by press and hold windows logo + R, then you type cmd.exe.
    Root HTC One Mini.
    cmd Root HTC One Mini.
  17. Type this command : fastboot flash recovery TWRP_Recovery.img  then press enter on your keyboard.
  18. Disconnect phone and using volume keys select recovery option and reboot to recovery 
  19. Using the volume keys, go to the file that you copied to your SD card and select it using the Power button. Confirm installation on next screen.
  20. When the installation is complete, go to main recovery menu and reboot phone by selecting "reboot system now"
    reboot on htc one mini
    reboot on htc one mini
  21. After your HTC One (E8) reboots, you should see the SuperSU app in your apps list, confirming that you now have root access on your device.
  22. To check and ensure that you have done root process, you can download root checker at google play store.
You’ve successfully rooted your Android HTC One Mini device and you should now be able to see the SuperSU app in your App Drawer!


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