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How Hard Reset Lenovo A7000.

How Hard Reset Lenovo A7000.

Hard Reset Lenovo A7000. Today's guidebelajar will explain to you how to perform hard reset on Lenovo A7000 smartphone. Some People say that Hard reset process is call with master reset or factory reset. Many people asking why shoud we perform hard reset to our phone. The logical answer that can I say for this asking is :
  • Because we will sell our Lenovo A7000 Android phones
  • We will give our Lenovo A7000 away to some one else, and we don't want that one know everything about our secret data, so we have to erase all data before back up it.
  • our Lenovo A7000 has been lagging and stuck on android logo, this call with bootloop
  • There are many bug on Lenovo A7000.
  • We want to remove all personal data and setting that was stored in Lenovo A7000.device.
  • We have forgotten on PIN or Patern Lock at Lenovo A7000.
  • and many other reason.

Hard Reset LENOVO A7000 use Hardware Key.

  1. Turn Off your Lenovo A7000 Handheld first
  2. Open back cover of your Lenovo A7000, then remove battery from this device, wait for 1 minutes to install again on device.
  3. Make sure your battery is fully charged, we recomended taht your battery has 80% power
  4. Always BackUp your important data that store in Lenovo A7000
  5. Press and hold Volume UP + Volume Down  Button together,
  6. Keep pressing both volume Up and Volume Down button, and then press and hold Power Button.
    Hard Reset Lenovo A7000.
    Hard Reset Lenovo A7000.
  7. Then, You should release held keys when recovery Menu appears on the sccreen
    Hard Reset Lenovo A7000.
    Hard Reset Lenovo A7000.
  8. In the Recovery Mode menu. Press Volume Down/UP to scroll to Recovery option and confirm your choice by pressing Power Button.
  9. From the menu items you should select wipe data/ factory reset.
  10. On the next steps the android recovery option want form you conformation you want to factory reset your android device? If you select “Yes” then all data will delete form your mobile.
  11. Hard Reset Lenovo A7000
    Hard Reset Lenovo A7000
  12. Then press Power Button, to confirm menu and then choose  reboot system now.
    Hard Reset Lenovo A7000.
    Hard Reset Lenovo A7000.
  13. Follow the screen instruction to continued hard reset your Lenovo A7000

That's all, you have done to Hard Reset Lenovo A7000,

Hard Reset/Master reset/Factory Reset may erase all data stored on internal memory and all accoount setting, guidebelajar  is not responsible for the risks afterward. 
Do it with your own risk


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